Sulaiman Turay - CEO
Michael khalil Sydney - Human resource and Development Consultant
Mbandi Linda - Education Officer
Anne Nsang Nkwain, Board Member
       Anne worked for Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) before moving to head the UN Information Centre in Yaounde,  Cameroon.  She is the UN Information Officer in Cameroon Covering Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
Resseta Bola Thompson, Board Member
       Rosetta is Director of the Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa  in Buea, Cameroon and a management training Expert, and Commonwealth consultant.
April Fabregat, Board Chair & Finance Officer
       April will be receiving her Juris Doctorate in Law this coming May 2011 from Rutgers School of Law. Her professional expertise includes 6+ years of experience in corporate finance and accounting.
Usha Gopinath, Research and Publications
     Usha is a Research Officer at the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi India. She received her M.phil in Social Geography, with specialization in Geography of Health and Disease, from the University of Delhi, in India. As a researcher for more than eight years, Usha has worked extensively on Grassroots Democracy, Women’s Empowerment and issues of HIV and AIDS, Gender and trafficking. As a part of her work, she has coordinated several projects for which she has carried out extensive field research in several parts of India. Her other works include: data collection, data analysis, preparation of project proposals, compilation and preparation of reports, editing of reports. She has publications on HIV and AIDS and women’s empowerment to her credit. She has great interest to work in developing countries on the issues of trafficking and health particularly women.  Usha Gopinath currently lives in Hanoi (Vietnam). During her stay she worked on short term assignment in International Organisation for Migration on Migration HIV and AIDS, wherein she prepared a paper linking the issues of migration to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Vietnam. 
Claudia Massei, Student Volunteer Program
       Claudia graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, in Brazil. During her undergraduate studies, she voluntarily taught in a school for underprivileged students in Sao Jose dos Campos, where she also served as Human Resources Director, recruiting, training and evaluating volunteer teachers. Upon graduation, she became a management consultant with the Monitor Group, in the Sao Paulo office. She extensively worked in Brazil, France, Morocco and South Africa. Given her time constraints, Claudia started volunteering with the UN Online Volunteer program in 2007 – which is how she was originally connected to SDI (she wrote a fundraising proposal do built a health and care centre for orphans and vulnerable children). Currently, Claudia is back to school, pursuing a dual degree (MBA and Master of Arts in International Studies) at University of Pennsylvania, in the US. 
Peter Kwok, Volunteer Correspondent
       Peter currently works on the UNV International Year of Volunteers Project as Volunteer Correspondent for the United Kingdom to monitor and highlight volunteering activities globally. Until recently, he worked in the graduate career advisory industry coupled with social experiences in organisation transformation through strategic project innovations. Peter has a strong passion for community development and volunteerism, in which he previously served on executive committees in a number of voluntary organisations.

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