Welcome to SODEIT Cameroon!

Social Development International (“SODEIT”) is a social development and relief organization which is not for profit, non governmental and non discriminating with the vision of working for the practical realization of sustainable social development initiatives by protecting the vulnerable and at-risk population and their communities.

SODEIT was formed on December 2005 and registered in Cameroon 2006 with Reg. No: 889/G.37/D.14/1/Vol.9 /2AP/BAPP and registered in New Jersey, USA in September 2011. With the aim of promoting progressive social and economic transformation for the poor and under-served communities in Cameroon. Our goal is to become agents of positive change irrespective of beneficiary nationality, class, color, race or social status; through personal transformation practices, social change training, education, advocacy, health, and charity.

We are staffed by dedicated volunteers and sustained financially by individuals, organizations and foundations who support our mission. SODEIT was launched by a small group of individuals with a strong commitment to advocating for and speaking on behalf of children, adolescents and care-givers whose voices have been silenced by misfortunes such as gender bias cultural insensitivity, illiteracy, hunger, injustice, unjust traditions, inhumane treatments, sickness, lack of parental affection, accidents, and natural disaster. Misery and trauma have led many children and adolescents to adopt delinquent and deviant behaviors as a kind of consolation and escape device. Our organization pays specific attention to women, youths and children who are the most vulnerable with respect to inequality, poverty and human rights abuse in their communities. These cruel vices, that mostly affect women and children, hinder personal development, equality, peace, and human progress in general. In short, SODEIT works to help women and children live a better life.

SODEIT is a volunteer driven Organisation based in Cameroon. It aims to improve opportunities for children, adolescent and caregivers in risky and vulnerable situations through better education/training, health, advocacy, charity, participatory development and good governance.
Our work is based on a collective commitment to support the principles of the United Nations Millennium and sustainable Development Goals. We therefore have an integrated approach to sustainable community development.
This means that our projects not only aim to lift people and community out of poverty but also to:
• promote education and reduce illiteracy;
• build the capacity of the underprivileged to fight the threat of poverty through the provision of Micro-Finance, micro Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training;
• fight the spread of diseases by educating and sensitizing communities and policy makers on nutrition, health issues and challenges such as neglected tropical disease;
• promote citizen led monitoring and advocacy ensuring basic needs are provided;
• help eradicate trafficking and smuggling in person and child labour and;
• Advance participatory governance and development, human rights and;
• Bio diversity and Bio mass energy and sustainable environmental education and policies etc.

You can support SODEIT's projects in Cameroon, Central-West Africa by volunteering, partnering your organisation with us or donating towards one of our projects.


As an international local based charity organization, we support poor, risky, vulnerable and underprivileged Children, women, refuges, and forgotten communities with education, health, advocacy, and charity. We work with local groups and individuals that are out of the scope of main humanitarian aid and support communities that otherwise would get little or no support. The community members of our partner groups work with us to establish their most urgent needs. They are agent of change that strives for quality of wellbeing, independence and stability; we simple support their quest for a brighter future by providing education, training, health, advocacy and charity.


When Created

4th December 2005, after a World Bank Institute e-course in Cameroon on CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CAMEROON. Pioneered and coordinated by Sulaiman Turay under the auspices of AIESEC AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA and the WORLD BANK INSTITUTE, USA.