Social Development International (“SODEIT”) is a social development and relief organization which is not for profit, non governmental and non discriminating with the vision of working for the practical realization of sustainable social development initiatives by protecting the vulnerable and at-risk population and their communities.

To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable nation state.

To be considered the NGO that leads the best programs in Cameroon towards achieving respectful, generous, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable communities, where the poor and most vulnerable have equal rights and personal integrity, and equal access to social, cultural and economic resources.

To achieve truly egalitarian, open, transparent, accountable and sustainable communities where every inhabitant has equal opportunities of socio-economic development and prosperity; To significantly reduce the vicious cycles of illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and its ills, which affect so many societies; To improve the standard of living of the poor and marginalised and of the physically challenged, so that they have access to and control of resources, and are able to optimise them within sustainable bounds; To provide regular input on all areas of community/national policy development and implementation that have an impact on the poor and most vulnerable population, or that contribute to the promotion of equality or to the elimination of discrimination in communities; To create alliances and partnerships with groups across the nation and globally, and engage with international institutions with similar aims and seeking to offer cooperation/collaboration To foster fruitful coordination of individuals and groups voluntary activities for the common good of all. To promote and develop a voluntary service on national, regional and international levels for the reason of advancing and improving the future. Ou
1. To promote social and economic transformation in poor communities whose inhabitants actively participate in the development process and benefit from the resulting good governance, economic prosperity, sustainable environment and social well-being of the empowered community. 2. An agent of positive change and transformation of society by implementing the dreams of stakeholders with the effect of establishing the reduction of poverty, social injustice, economic, environmental, educational and health related conditions resulting in a better world for all. 3. A bridge builder to facilitates the empowerment of individuals and societies in communities through a philosophical approach to building a better world for all. 4. Creating a more joyful world.
To catalyse communities’ commitment to socio-economic growth, supporting the active involvement of the poor and most vulnerable population in working to accelerate the pace towards achieving equality and ensuring the representation of all in community’s activities; To bring stakeholders together to design, install and operate replicable rural and peri-urban socio-economic projects/programs, promoting social protection and sustainable development in communities; To hold governments and institutions accountable for fulfilling the existing commitments that they have made regarding protecting and promoting the poor and most vulnerable population; To guide policies and investment towards poverty reduction; To strengthen our membership structures and systems in order to support a growing and fully engaged community of members actively involved in securing the rights of the poor and most vulnerable population and in creating a peaceful and egalitarian community.
1. We promote social justice and economic development for all through sensitisation, social learning, informal, formal education, training through seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia, lectures etc; study relevant matters and materials pertaining to the promotion of social, risk and economic vulnerability. 2. We protect through investigation, conduct visits to risky and vulnerable locations (law enforcement cells, prisons, juvenile institutions, hospitals etc), provide counselling, mediation, conciliation of conflicts, refer cases of human rights to competent authorities etc 3. We recommend on her own initiative or on request effective measures to be taken in matters of promoting and protecting the marginalised, underprivileged and most vulnerable population and communities.

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